Ready for Holidays?

The Winter Holidays scene generator will equip you with everything you need to create Loving Designs and Presentations.

All 80+ items are in 300DPI and Print Ready! There are also 10 Hi-Res textures included great for any project.

Download free demo at:

Hi Resolution

Every object is in 300dpi and big enough for any use.

Separate shadows

Shadows are separated from the objects, and can be easily adjusted to any angle.


Every object is a separate layer and can be easily accessed.

Main Features:

Hi Resolution

Scenes are 3500X2300px big. All images are in 300dpi, good enough for any use. 

Smart objects

All mock ups are smart objects, making them very easy to edit and customize.

Great Price

Get this Set for a Steal price.

Free Continuous updates

This set has FREE updates, and you can expect many more quality  items to come.

Other Features:

Edit in seconds

You can edit any scene and mock up in seconds.

Create custom effects

You can add any custom effect to any separate object or to the whole scene.

Drag and Drop

Scenes are incredibly easy to make. Just drag and drop items into them.


Every object is a separate layer.


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